Welcome to the Sandwich Generation

If you’re a mom who’s juggling responsibilities for your kids and your parents, and you wish you had both more energy and more ease in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you have been able to identify with the sandwich generation for years or are just starting to feel the squeeze of being in the middle, Mom In The Balance is the place you can feel inspired, heard, and connected.

Mom In The Balance is here to help you thrive, even as life feels stressful, chaotic, and very challenging.

As we, our children and our parents get older, we’re needed and wanted in different ways. We need and want in different ways. We have new issues to negotiate with the same old players. We are taking on new responsibilities in all areas of our lives, and we want to pull it off gracefully.

This is often a time in our lives as mothers and daughters when we feel “in the balance” – we’re uncertain, unsettled, unresolved, and at a turning point.

But thankfully, despite the new stresses in our lives, we can move beyond coping and actually thrive during this time. We can do more than hang on by our fingernails as we run ourselves ragged. We can confidently move forward, despite the competing priorities in our lives that create conflict, and we can claim our new place in the center of our family with acceptance and even joy.

This is what Mom In The Balance helps moms like you do – create workable strategies for your life and thrive!

Are you a mom in the balance? Read more about what that means here. Get to know how I work and what services I offer.

I’d love to hear from you about what you need right now to thrive. Contact me with your questions and comments!

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